Our UpCycle program is a creative reuse project designed to reduce the amount of scrap that is discarded and to create fun and practical items for sale to the public.  We take used bike parts and make all sorts of funky necklaces, earrings, candle holders, ornaments, hooks, door mats and even draft dodgers!.  These creative UpCycled products are sold at events, farmers markets and in the bike shop.


Have any creative ideas? We are always seeking volunteers for this program.

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Freewheel Candle Holders

Bearing Cage Necklace

Check Out these fabulous Wind Vanes!

Proudly Designed and Made

for the Bellows Falls Community Bike Project

by the Middle School girls in Keene State College’s

Kids on Campus GoSTEM 2017 summer camp.

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All of these are available for purchase at the Bike Shop. Stop in to watch how beautifully they move! They come with explicit but simple mounting instructions for the very best performance.

The GoSTEM middle school girls designed and built these Wind Vanes using the Sustainable Product Design and Innovation (SPDI) program’s Metals and Prototyping Lab in Keene State College’s Technology Design and Safety (TDS) Center.
Read about this important program at Keene State.
And here's a shout out from Susan Silk, Project Manager of Go STEM

These high-performance wind vanes were designed and prototyped to upcycle old bicycle wheels that were supplied by the Bellows Falls Community Bike Project. They combine old and new materials and have superior functionality including:

  • Repurposed bicycle wheel hubs with cleaned bearings and axles so they easily feather into the wind, even in light breezes

  • Repurposed bicycle wheel quick-releases to balance the windward end of the wind vane around the fulcrum (wheel axle) so the wind vanes respond quickly and will still work at slight angles (though the wind vanes should be mounted with the axle in the vertical position)

  • Repurposed wheel spokes that were bent into North, South, East, West direction indicators

  • Individually designed images for the vanes that were sketched, digitized to CAD and laser cut in weather- proof acrylic. The images have a significantly more surface area on the downwind side of the vane to help it feather quickly into the wind even in light breezes

  • New stainless steel fasteners and a highly corrosion-resistant type of aluminum is used for the newly made components, for product longevity





Mountain Lion with Cub

Mountain Lion with Cub - SOLD



You can purchase one of these wind vanes and support the programs at the BFCBP for a suggested price of $100.
Several have already been sold so stop in soon!